PE Class Data Analysis

PE Class Data Analysis

Sep 6, 2016.

Cade Brown & Gregory Croisdale

We were given info collected about PE (Physical Education) students at L&N, including mile run times, number of push ups in a minute, and curl ups in 2 minutes.

You can find all of our info here

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Although some classes had very few responses, $ L $ day and $ N $ day both made up around $ 50\% $ of the total responses, which is what you would expect.

Some classes did not have all members ($ N4 $ only had 1 response), a good number of people from all made up a large database that accurately respresents mosts of the population.

Most of the responses were from males, though it wasn’t too horribly biased. There were still $ > 40\% $ females, so it is still quite reliable.

Some explanations might be: females choose not to take PE as much as boys do, or that boys responded at a higher rate than females.

Mile Run

All values are in minutes. So, 2.5 is 2m30s

Mean (Average) Median (Middle Value) Standard Deviation (How dense is the set?)
12.3 12.1 3.4

What this tells us is that on average, you will run around a $ 12.25 $ minute mile, and that $ 68\% $ of students run a mile between $ 8.88 $ minute and $ 15.62 $ minutes (which is generated by $ mean \pm deviation $)

Lots of students finished in the $ (-\infty, 15] $ range we can see there are significantly more than in the corresponding range, $ [15, \infty] $ respectively.

This makes sense due to the way students flock together when running or jogging.

Push Ups Per Minute

These values are in pushups per 1 minute

Push Up Info Graph

Mean (Average) Median (Middle Value) Standard Deviation (How dense is the set?)
12.2 12 8.1

The standard deviation is very large, which means the amounts vary from the mean, which is evident by the few on the far left of the spectrum. Again we seem to see groups emerge, and this means that certain people are staying almost exactly in sync with each other.

We can say that about $ 68\% $ of students do between $ 4 $ and $ 20 $ pushups in one minute. This is a very large margin due to the size of the standard deviation.

Curl Ups Per 2 minutes

These values are in curlups per 2 minutes

Curl Up Info Graph

Mean (Average) Median (Middle Value) Standard Deviation (How dense is the set?)
34.4 30 17.3

The standard deviation is even larger for this dataset, which means the amounts vary more from the mean. This is surely the case, if you look at the right side, there is a group of just over 30 students who did between 60 and 65 Curlups in 2 minutes. These few threw off the average and standard deviation quite a bit from what it would have been, and based on the evidence, it would seem that people, in general, find curlups much easier than pushups, and a small group finds them extremely easier than pushups.


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