PGS Updated

PGS Updated

Mar 16, 2017.

Here’s a link to posts about PGS

Essentially, PGS is a distributed computing program that I wrote to find polynomials which generate prime numbers.

I’ve made lots of updates to it, and plan on a released version in a few weeks.

Language Transition

Originally (and up to version 2.5.0), the bulk of PGS was written in JavaScript. I know, I know, it’s quite odd. I mainly used JS as an expirement, as it supports talking to firebase (the database we use) out of the box. It actually worked very well for cross-process communication and JSON-based datastructures well. Also, it was surprisingly easy to distribute (just include the ‘node’ binary and node_modules/ folder and it works!). However, the archives were 10MB, which was mostly the node binary. Also, there were limitations of using JavaScript and C together.

Python requires a custom library (called Pyrebase), which is unofficial and requires pycryptodome.

Still unclear, PGS only works in development mode now, and I will likely return to NodeJS, or use Python with better --offline support, or possibly switch to C (although this is very unlikely).


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