ChemicalDevelopment is a software company, supporter of open source development, music label, and much more! We try and make all of our projects easy to learn from and expand upon, which means most of our software projects are Free and Open Source! We are based in Knoxville, but serve people across the globe! Label mission statement:Chemical Development is a label that seeks to find underrepresented talent in underground scenes and market them to a wide audience which we believe will make both them and us successful.

We've fulfilled needs locally, including the FRC (Robotics) Team #3966 with robotics programming and website development (please see Also, we help run the L&N STEM Academy's 3D printing and 3D animation resources (cluster rendering). We've given help running the "Open House" and gave a demonstration of the 3D printing/animation facilities.

Originally Cade Brown's solo indie music label, we've expanded to include other artists from multiple genres, such as: RUN! RUN! RUN! (indie), JDavi$.24 (hip hop/trap), and other in-the-works projects! You can check out our full music catalog at /music/. If you are interested in being signed to our label, promoting your music, or otherwise contacting ChemicalDevelopment, email:

Cade Brown

Cade Brown is the founder and current CEO of ChemicalDevelopment. He started it in 2014 originally as a software development company, focusing on game development and application development. Under his vision, it grew a strong Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) initiative, which you can find on our GitHub Organization.

In addition to managing the company, Cade is also lead developer on most projects. For example, fractalrender, a program to create images and videos of fractals, chaudio, a library for audio manipulation, and many other projects.

He's also an artist signed to our music label, and has released: Sleep Tight Pupper, Lizards, and more with the ChemicalDevelopment label.


Reece Brown

Reece Brown is the Community Relations Manager (CRM) for ChemicalDevelopment. She works on media, press releases, articles, and personal connections for the company.